A rookie mom. A rookie cook. A rookie professional. Always an amateur. Always learning.

This blog you’ve stumbled upon elucidates the ramblings and chronicles of a 33 year old Indian girl (moi!) who is also a mommy to a beautiful little boy called Hrishaan. Join me as I wade my way through this challenging yet amazing and frustrating yet fulfilling journey called ‘Parenting’. Help me as I look for inspiration and motivation to just survive each day with my sanity intact. Support me as I try to raise my boy with the right balance of boisterousness, wisdom and resilience.

When not parenting; I also work as a controls and change professional, read books like my life depends on it, battle Dubai traffic which moves as slow as my metabolism on any regular day, and whip up basic healthy recipes (well most of the time anyways!) for myself and my toddler.

Welcome to our rookie lives! 🙂

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